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The Annual International Invitational “Baca Cup” Ski Race
Salas Hills, Pennsylvania

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The Cup




THE “BAčA CUP” 2020

On February 15, 2020 - A new chapter in Baca Cup Racing History was made as we entered the Roaring Twenties to celebrate the 42nd Annual Baca Cup International Invitational Ski Race. This year we were blessed with cold weather, fine snow conditions, an excellent day and some sensational performances on the race course. With an outside temperature of just 21 degrees at race time, our Baca Cup Ski Racers took to the course to demonstrate why this is one of the most enjoyable races in the world and a wonderful example of Euro-American relations. While Snow Blowers added to the base our racers and racing staff made a very strong showing and showcased the diverse cooperation, talents and skills, skiing and snowboarding prowess and overall dedication to the Nordic Spirit of everyone involved.

Special Congratulations go out to our 42nd Annual Baca Cup Ski Race Winners, Tomas Pavlicek and Maria Tuma for their Baca Cup victories and to our Ambassador's Cup Winners Petr Tuma and Dasha Fletcher. We also wish to congratulate our 2020 Baca Cup Snowboard Champions Autumn Rhea and Patrick Butler for the fastest times in our Snowboard Division. Another really fun ski race was held in a little over an hour with very few falls and NO major injuries. In addition, our Woman's Baca Cup Winner Maria Tuma became the youngest (Age 10) Baca Cup Winner in Baca Cup History and showed us all what a real Ski Prodigy looks like. Truly, Maria has a future in this sport and we will look for her as a National Team Candidate or an Olympian representing the Czech Republic in the not to distant future.

Special Thanks also go out to our Baca Cup Racing Committee for another superior performance in making this one of the safest and smoothest events ever. We especially recognize Chaz Wagner, Glenn Horenberg, Dasha Fletcher, Suzie Hagstrom, Ian Cruz, Tomas Pavlicek and Dusan Neuman for their contributions in registrations, race and gate coordination, videography, photography, communications, statistics, results and awards coordination and overall assistance in putting on another fine ski race. As always, Dasha and I couldn't have done this without the help of all these very talented folks and we are grateful and appreciative to everyone for their outstanding participation and assistance.

We also wish to offer our sincere thanks to Sokol Washington for their continued partnership and to the Blue Knob Ski Resort for allowing us to carry on with our ski racing tradition for all of these years. We especially wish to thank Robin for helping us with the discounted lift tickets and our awesome friend Kiel Knicely from Blue Knob Ski Racing in helping set the course, calibrating and running the timing, overseeing the race structure and results and keeping the technical race processes under control.

This year our Awards Celebration was really fun as everyone worked together to ensure all the details were in place, the food and beverage were prepared, the kids were a joy to see and our celebration went on as scheduled. Our Presiding Baca (and Natural Children's Ambassador) Lukas Mitchell Fletcher wore the Baca Outfit in representing his Grandfather, the Fletcher/ Parma family and recognized his Czech Heritage in carrying on the Baca tradition.

Special thanks also go out to “The Bacova” Dasha Fletcher for her fabulous Valasske Goulash. Bruce and Carol Ellington for those Terrific Serbian Beans, Tomas Pavlicek for the Czech Style Sour Kraut, Carl for the Venison Roasts, Klobas and Smoked Chicken Breast and to Ingrid, Chaz, Sidney and everyone else who contributed to the overall culinary offerings and the final clean up after the gathering. Your involvement and contributions were greatly appreciated!

We also wish to offer our sincere thank you to Zdenek Beranek, Deputy Chargé d'Affaires a.i. to the Czech Embassy Washington, D.C. Mr. Beranek took time away from his busy schedule to participate with his family in representing the Embassy and in presenting the Ambassador's Cups to our 2020 Champions. We were so grateful for his kind words and to his wife Lucie for honoring us with their involvement. We are so happy to consider them among the many Wonderful Friends we have made at the Embassy and we look forward to their participation for many years to come.

In closing for 2020, Dasha and I want to say how much fun it is to coordinate the Baca Cup Ski Race. We really love watching the children growing up and the opportunity to spend time with all of our Wonderful Friends, our Friends from the Czech Embassy, our Salas Hills Family, our Blue Knob Family and our beloved Sokol Brothers and Sisters. The competition is always ferocious but the overwhelming camaraderie, the joy of the celebration and and the opportunity to take this one special day out of each year to share our “Love of the Nordic Experience is an absolute blessing. “The Baca's Dream Lives On” ...

With the final results all in we are sure our founder, Jiri V. Parma would have enjoyed the race and loved to see our young skiers doing so well as we are all blessed to keep this amazing tradition alive.

We really hope everyone had as much fun as we did and wish everyone a safe and happy 2020 ski season.

With Peace and Love to All,

We can't wait to “SKI YA SOON” !

Carl and Dasha Fletcher
Baca Cup Race Coordinators

2020 Bača Cup Champions!

Men's Alpine: Tomas Pavlicek
Women's Alpine: Maria Tumova
Men's Ambassador's Cup: Petr Tuma
Women's Ambassador's Cup: Dasha Fletcher
Men's Snowboard: Patrick Butler
Women's Snowboard: Autumn Rhea

ATTENTION: We are always looking to collect photos from the race course (and especially the awards gathering) to post on the web site. If you have any photo’s or video’s, PLEASE get them to Carl, Dasha or Ian (webmaster) for inclusion in our galleries. Or you can visit our Facebook page and upload them directly.
Thanks !!



The 2020 Champions!


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